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Additional Services We Offer

ATM services


ATMs provide you with easy access to withdraw cash, transfer funds or check your account balance.Our ATM’s also take check and cash deposits.

Bill Pay services

Bill Pay

Make your life easier by signing up for our convenient, online bill pay.

Client services

Client Services

Our employees are tenured professionals with years of banking experience. They are your local bankers and are ready and willing to work with you to provide solutions for any of your needs.

Credit Card services

Credit Cards

Citizens State Bank is happy to provide you with the option of having a credit card through TIB,NA.

Debit card services

Debit Cards

Have direct access to your Citizens State Bank checking account with your VISA debit card.

Digital banking services

Online Banking

Access statements at any time, set up automatic bill pay, add email alerts, and transfer funds between accounts with our Online Banking.

Mobile banking services

Mobile Banking

Citizens State Bank is happy to provide you with 24-hour access to your account through our mobile app.

Safe deposit services

Safe Deposit Boxes

Citizens State Bank offers safe, individual, and secured safe deposit boxes at select bank branches.

Telephone banking services

Telephone Banking

At Citizens State Bank we’re always happy to serve you in person; however, for automated and 24 hour a day access to your account, you can call (877) 877-4663

Money services


Whether you want to send money to your children in college or to a business associate across the world, Citizens State Bank can help you with a wire transfer.