Elite Digital Payments

Elite Digital Payments

Elite Digital Payments ("EDP") is an enhanced form of Digital Banking that allows you to manage your money in an even more digital environment. EDP offers you access to all the same products, services and features as Digital Banking, plus additional products, services and features, such as:

  • Creating and Managing Additional Users
  • Positive Pay
  • Electronic Wire Requests
  • and more to come soon!

Due to the additional security requirements that comes with EDP, clients cannot enroll in it themselves, but must request access, meet our criteria and be approved. Requesting and be approved for EDP does not guarantee you are approved for all the additional products, services and features within EDP. You will need to request each individually during your enrollment process. You will need to review and sign our service agreement(s) for each product or services you are approved for.

EDP is not available on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

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Create and Manage Users

Grant access to EDP to multiple users. Each user has a customized access, meaning you can limit each user in what they can access and view and in what transactions they can complete.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay assists you in identifying fraudulent transactions by comparing an “issued” check/payment file to a “processed” check/payment file. *Only for Commercial Accounts

Digital Wire Requests

Any client can request a wire; however, if you send wires regularly, you can request to enroll in EDPs Wire Request service, which will allow you to request wires electronically.

More to Come

Additional products and services will be added to EDP in the coming months. Be sure to check back often to see if we have added something new that can help you and your business.


Frequently Asked Questions:

No, there is nothing to download. Once you have are enrolled, simply click on the login button on the top right this website. The Elite Digital Payments login field is located at the bottom of the page.

Because of the extra security requirements associated with the products and services offered through EDP, you cannot enroll yourself. If you are interested in enrolling in EDP, please contact our Client Service Department by clicking here, or sending a secure message through Digital Banking.

Elite Digital Payments is free.

Because of the extra security requirements associated with the products and services offered through EDP, you cannot use it on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. It must be accessed using a computer. However, if you would like to be able to use any of the products or services available in Digital Banking and not in EDP on a mobile or tablet device, we can enroll you in both Digital Banking and EDP. Please note: you will be required to have two separate usernames.

Yes, Bill Pay is offered across both Digital Banking and EDP. Setting up automatic bill pay is easy to do in within Digital Banking. Click here to learn more.

Our client's security is our number one concern. As a result, we take every measure possible to protect you with all of our products and vender relationships.

Digital Banking and EDP are both free; however, some services offered through them have fees associated with them.

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