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Make your business' payroll process easier. Remove the hassle of checks and postage fees from the process. By signing up for ACH Origination your employees' pay is deposited directly into their account from yours on a schedule you set.

ACH Origination is part of our Elite Digital Payments service, and enhanced for of Digital Banking. To learn more about Elite Digital Payments, click here.

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Signing up for ACH Origination is FREE. Simply contact us here and we’ll be happy to help you set it up.

ACH Origination is simple. Send us your payment file and we'll take care of the rest.

You will need a form signed by your employees giving your company authority to debit or credit their checking account. This form will need to include their name, the name of their bank, their account number, their account routing number and a voided check or deposit slip.

You can also use ACH Origination to pay merchants you work with or to collect billing such as water or electricity bills.


Tina Duhon
Client Services Director
Email: tduhon@citizensbank.net
Phone: 409.283.2561 Ext. 2341

Derhonda West
Client Services Supervisor
Email: dwest@citizensbank.net
Phone: 409.283.2561 Ext. 2301

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