Our Digital Banking Upgrade is complete!
If your Username had any special characters in it, and you failed to change it
before the upgrade took place, you will need to contact us for your new Username.
Special characters include: ! @ # $ % ^ & * _ + - = \ ( ) [ ] { } : ; . , / ? or a space.

If you need to visit our Digital Banking Upgrade page for any reason, click here.

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Stay connected with your Citizens State Bank 24 hours a day. Enroll in Digital Banking for FREE to check your account balances, pay bills and transfer money between accounts. Additionally, Digital Bank offers you the capability to:

  • View Transaction History
  • Transfer Funds Bettwen Accounts at Another Financial Instituations
  • Schedule Alerts
  • Send Money to a Friend
  • Turn Your Card On/Off
  • And More!

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